AIESEC University Nottingham of Malaysia

Business as YOUTHsual

Business as Youthsual powered by AIESEC is an Engagement with AIESEC product run by youth for youth. A platform where young people from diverse background can share their opinions, solve real SME problems with essential skills such as critical and creative thinking as well as simultaneously being attentive to current issues.

GECB has partnered for the second time with AIESEC to come together and help youths gain insights to real life issues that are faced by SMEs in Malaysia as well as guide with the skills and the knowledge of the current world.

With our team of experts in various fields, this was an opportunity for participants to meet with the industry experts and join in on the workshops led by them. The competition is designed to create an environment for intellectual stimulation and inspiration for youths by exposing them to external parties.

Project Highlights

  • A workshop that was led by out expert, Nesha Amor, on the concept of Product Planning that involves all of the Fishbone Diagram or known as the Ishikawa Diagram, that allows participants identify the root cause and effects of a product’s defect or problem.
  • A workshop to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into business modules mainly aiming to educate participants to make a map of the Outcomes Framework (Theory of Change).
  • Date:1st – 31st December 2022
  • Partners:GECB, AISEC
  • Location:Malaysia