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Who is GECB?

GECB, known as GE Consult Asia Sdn. Bhd, is a humble Malaysian management consulting company founded since 2003, offering comprehensive SME and startup consultancy services.

What does GECB do?

We advise CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners on their critical corporate strategies, marketing issues and business opportunities across most industries from major Asian countries.

Why should I choose GECB?

Our team of professionals comprises of business consultants, editors and writers who are experienced individuals who come from diverse backgrounds high qualifications.
Using our expertise, we guide our clients through the creation of marketable business documents including business plans, marketing plans, business decks, financial projections and so on.
Explore our Success Stories (hyperlink) to have a look into our work.

How do I engage in your services ?

Reach out to us via email though our Contact Us page and fill in form your queries. You will be contacted as soon as possible from us to answer your questions.
Alternatively, you can reach out to us via call available at the bottom of the page or WhatsApp us using the widget available on the page.

Does GECB provide training workshops?

Yes, we do!
GECB provides two types of training solution programs suitable for SMEs and large corporations namely Strategy Masterclass and Business Coaching.
Contact us for more information on these services.

What is retail innovation consultancy ?

A specialized service offered to retailers and businesses in the retail industry to help them navigate and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the retail sector. It involves providing expert advice, strategic planning, and implementation support to drive innovation and growth within retail organizations.

How can retail innovation consultancy benefit my business?

This consultation can bring numerous benefits to your business. From providing fresh perspectives and outside expertise to conducting market research and analysis, we can help you identify new growth opportunities, optimize your business operations, and stay ahead in the competitive retail industry.

How does technology transformation consultancy work?

It refers to the process of helping organizations leverage technology to drive significant changes in their operations, systems, and overall business strategy. Our professionals work closely with businesses to align their technology initiatives with their overall goals and objectives, ensuring that they stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Contact us to get further information on this service.

What is corporate branding, and why is it important for businesses?

Corporate branding is the creation and maintenance of a unique identity for a business, encompassing a name, logo, and visual design reflecting its values, mission, and personality, which helps differentiate from competitors, build customer trust, and maintain consistency across marketing channels.

Why is strategic planning important?

Strategic planning is essential for organizations to align their activities with their mission, vision, and values, promoting unity and coherence.
It helps prioritize efforts and allocate resources effectively, allowing organizations to anticipate challenges and opportunities. It also establishes clear performance metrics, holding individuals and teams accountable for achieving results.

What is RE:SET ?

A collaboration between strategy and technology that provides personalized consulting services to help you achieve your goals. We offer customized consulting services by our team of experienced professionals.
We help business owners develop a comprehensive exit plan that maximizes the value of their business and minimizes taxes and to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to increase profitability, improve operations, and enhance competitiveness.

What is a strategy masterclass?

A strategy masterclass is a specialized training program that teaches advanced strategies for success in various fields, such as business, career, and personal development. Conducted by experts, it provides practical insights, tools, and frameworks to enhance strategic thinking abilities and decision-making skills. Participants learn about competitive, growth, and innovation strategies, market dynamics analysis, and performance measurement.

Who can benefit from attending a strategy masterclass?

A strategy masterclass is beneficial for business professionals, career-oriented individuals, and students and aspiring entrepreneurs. It helps develop effective business strategies, adapt to market conditions, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions.

What is business coaching and how can it benefit me?

A service that helps individuals or teams improve their performance and achieve business goals. It involves working with a trained coach who provides guidance, support, and accountability to help clients develop skills, overcome challenges, and maximize their potential.
Business coaching offers personalized guidance, increasing self-awareness, building confidence, and ultimately leading to greater success in professional endeavours.

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