Enactus University of Nottingham

UNLOCK Your Social Entrepreneurship event by Enactus UNM and GE Consult is a collaborative initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering individuals to create positive social change through entrepreneurship. The event provides a platform for networking, learning, and sharing ideas on how to address social issues effectively.

Participants gain valuable insights from industry experts and successful social entrepreneurs, enabling them to unlock their potential and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Project Highlights

  • One of the panel judges of the event is GECB’s Dr Fred Wu, alongside judges from from MaGIC, CIMB, AirAsia Foundation and more.
  • Workshops and skill-building sessions that were designed to equip attendees with practical knowledge and skills necessary for social entrepreneurship led by a well experienced and qualified team of professionals, some of which were members of GECB.
  • Date:March 2020
  • Partners:GECB, CIMB, MaGIC, Enactus
  • Location:Malaysia