December 29, 2013

The old chapter 2013 has ended, the new chapter 2014 has begun. One of the most exciting opportunities in 2014 for business is to inspire your customers, to build your brand with your customers. Here are five tips to ensure your customers are adequately engaged, loyal, and motivated to share your brand with their networks in 2014.

#1 Brand Differentiation

It’s all about your branding uniqueness, if you can’t differentiate yourself from others, speaking your brand’s vision to the world, it’s very tough for consumers to emotionally or rationally connect with your brand or share that story with others. To achieve this, you should define your brand essence, frame it in the interests of the customer, in a way to position your brand as the celebrant.

#2 Diversify Your Social Presence

In today’s fast changing business environment where customers constantly adopt new experiences through digital, social and mobile technologies, the pace of what is driving sales can be constantly indescribable. Keeping up with your customers through multiple social media channels like blog, and experimenting new photo or selfie like Instagram or Vine, by doing so it enables you to stay closer with your customers.

#3 Develop Real-Time Engagement

Smart phones and tablets are already part of our daily lives, so brands must learn to engage with customers in real time … anytime, anywhere. Real-time engagement allows you to understand your customer, their needs and wants, and ultimately accelerate sales growth

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