August 30, 2014

3 Tips for a Powerful Business Proposal – GEC Business Review

by Fred Victor

To win a business deal or even a leasing contract in today’s hyper competitive environment is not an easy matter, it is not about the money. For instance, when a Government agency or a multinational corporation intends to purchase a product or service from third party suppliers, or even a shopping mall operator intends to lease its retail space to retailers, they generally issue a Request for Proposal (RFP), an official document outlining their requirements. 

Hence, a powerful business proposal could mean a lot to your business. To win a deal or contract, you should submit your business proposal, the latter explains how your business will meet your customers’ needs and wants, and convince them to offer the contract to you.

Established since 2003, GE Consult is a professional consulting firm that has helped numerous small-and-medium enterprises to win business deals and leasing contracts through its well-developed professional business proposals.

“Winning numerous contracts for our clients were not matter luck here at GE Consult, we actually provided a very thoroughly considered and professional business proposal,” explains Fred Wu, CEO of GE Consult.

Follow these top three tips for a powerful business proposal today.

1. Understand the Requirements

Getting a powerful business proposal starts from a strong understanding of your client’s requirements, needs and wants. Ultimately, to achieve the business objectives for both your client and you at the right budget, time frame and placement … extreme essential.

2. Design a Mechanism

As soon as the “twin” business objectives are clearly defined, a sustainable and profitable mechanism is required to reach them. It involves a well-defined business model, operational procedures and control methods. Often, brainstorming sessions are necessary to design such mechanism.

3. Outclass Your Competitors

To stand out from the crowd is the bottom line, rather than having the same as everyone else as your business proposal is actually a sales document, designed to convince your client to hire your company. Your company’s strengths, key persons, success factors and other unique selling propositions must be reinforced.

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