July 22, 2015

In view of tremendous growing startup entrepreneurship and ecosystem in Malaysia for the past few years, particularly the tech, F&B and retail startups; startup entrepreneurs are now starting to create their very own business plans, whether for fund raising or internal use purpose. GE Consult has actually started offering its professional SME business plan services a decade ago, and the needs for business plan services are set to rise for the foreseeable future.

GE Consult represents one of the country’s leading SME business plan consulting expert, the company has guided many local and foreign startup companies and SMEs through the creation of top-notch business plans, franchise/ licensing plans, marketing plans and business proposals.

GE Consult’s SME business plan consultancy service not only creates investor-grade business plans for clients, but also provides comprehensive guidance to startup entrepreneurs and business owners with useful roadmaps, strategic SOP management, well-assessed performance benchmark and realistic financial projections.

With a properly-prepared business plan, the latter is more than just a document by delivering results through well-determined and monitored objectives.

The professional SME business plan service is just one of the top notch services provided by GE Consult, in fact, the company has impressed many local and overseas renowned SMEs with solid results, include Milkcow Malaysia (F&B), Discover Gaya Malaysia (Travel), Mastermind Abacus Malaysia (Education), Neneq Java Essentials Indonesia (Skincare), D-Avant Cap China (Financial Services), Kadyn Plus Hong Kong (Filtration) and many more.

“Our business consultants are highly qualified (most with MBA, ACCA) with considerable MNCs working experience and industry-specific hands-on experience across most industries, nationwide and region wide. Rest assured that they are able to advise CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners on critical business issues and opportunities,” said GE Consult CEO Mr. Fred Wu in a recent interview with Malaysia SME Newspaper.

Startup companies and SMEs who intend to improve their business processes and financial performances turn to GE Consult for a comprehensive business consulting services.

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