August 29, 2015

Comprehensive business profile as a powerful marketing tool: GE Consult offers its professional writing skills to all SMEs

In the light of the colossal growth of start-ups and appreciable level of entrepreneurial activity in the country which has been observed over past few years, the significance of a well-written comprehensive marketable company’s profile becomes even more crucial as it is apparently an important strategic tool in accelerating business process.

Kuala Lumpur based GE Consult, Malaysia’s leading SME consulting expert, with overall 13 years of experience, is ready and well-prepared to offer its best hands-on knowledge and practices in order to create a powerful marketing tool that will enable an enterprise to stand out against its competitors and significantly increase its attractiveness among potential clients, customers and investors.

GE Consult basically provides two types of company profile packages:

  • 100-, 300-, 500-, and 1000- words CP’s mostly demanded by the enterprises active in e-commerce field: websites, online shops and stores etc.
  • 8, 20, 40 pages fully written, designed and printed out company profiles suitable for wide range of companies ranging from small & medium enterprises to the large corporations and the government-affiliated firms.

Besides that, customised version of company profiles in term of their format and volume are available at client’s request, too.

One-solution fully written company profile which GE Consult offers to its clientele is not mere a set of facts about the company but an important strategic document that lays foundation requisite for the company’s subsequent development and growth in the right direction and well-outlined and delineated way. That is why GE Consult pays primary attention to the content of the profile rather than to its design and graphic resolution. It is a comprehensively written content that convincingly reflects the company’s philosophy, values and corporate culture and helps it stand out in the market.

With tremendously large amount of experience in business planning and consulting services, GE Consult’s creative team does its utmost to bring writing of companies profiles to the new level. “Small business – big ideas” is what best characterises its job content: over 13 years of continuous work, GE Consult has assisted more than 2000 SMEs to mark their company profiles out.

“Our business consultants are highly qualified (most with MBA, ACCA) with considerable MNCs working experience and industry-specific hands-on experience across most industries, nationwide and region wide. Rest assured that they are able to advise CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners on critical business issues and opportunities,” said GE Consult CEO Mr. Fred Wu in a recent interview with Malaysia SME Newspaper.

GE Consult is a Malaysian marketing consulting firm headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Since inception in 2003, the company has been pioneering professional business plan and company profile services in Malaysia, and has assisted many local and overseas SMEs, large corporations and government agencies to grow business.

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