June 17, 2012

A company profile is a synopsis of a company. It summarizes a company’s missions, vision, business models, management structures, core competencies and strategies that make up a business.

Other key components of the company such as financials and operational performance should be included in order to fulfil expectations from readers – employees, customers, stakeholders, investors and media partners.

Here are 5 tips which are considered top in making over a company profile, thus transforming a company profile into an impressive one.

1. Writing a Company Synopsis

A company synopsis provides the interested parties a bird eye’s view of the business and company all about. In general, it includes brief company information supported by its position, goals, missions and vision.

2. Illustrating Chronological Evolution of Company

Providing brief history of the company in the form of a story timeline is profound. The story should introduce the company’s founders, their shared visions, how the business ideas have been brought, how the business has evolved in terms of sizes, sales etc. over time.

3. Highlighting Milestones and Partnerships

It’s the credential of the company, in a way to highlight a company achievement as well as its collaborations with local and/or international companies/brands is essential.

4. Writing the Core Competencies

The specialization, whether a product or a service, of the company should be in focus, this is an extreme important section of the company profile so as to make the company/brand stands out from crowd, and multiply its chances of winning the reader’s heart.   

5. Describing the Company Talent

Consider describing the working culture of the company – highlighting how the company provides its employees a dynamic workplace, good training and development opportunities for career advancement, well-structured compensation and benefits and so on.

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