March 20, 2015

A good employer of choice means that people are eager to for your company. By all means, your company should receive unsolicited resume consistently, there are many people envy your employees to be able to work in your company, and probably most of your employees will consider staying with you throughout their career journey.

But the million dollar worth question is how to become a good employer? What should be prepared to attract (and keep) talented employees? What most talented employees want? How to achieve it? There is no single answers to these questions, and may require more answers to these questions I believe. Aon Hewitt, a global talent expert has recently announced its list of the Best Employers – Malaysia 2015, in partnership with TalentCorp Malaysia.

So, in short, being recognized as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer means:

– The organization inspires strong commitment and superior performance from its people.

– It drives business results through effective people practices; and

– It manages its business in ways that build long-term success and sustainability.

According to Aon Hewitt, the most noticeable trends that emerged in this year’s Best Employers – Malaysia 2015 research were:

Business and People Challenges

– Best Employers achieve 38% higher income than market average.

– Best Employers attain 50% higher growth in profits than market average.

– Best Employers filled 38% more openings internally compared to market level.

Employee Engagement

– Best Employers engagement score at 83% is significantly higher than market average (60%).

– Gen Y engagement score is the lowest age category at 57% although for Best Employers, their engagement scores are distinctly higher at 82%.

– Overall, only 48% of Gen Y employees said that their future career opportunities in their organization look good.

“Employee engagement scores in Malaysia increased by 4 points to 60% in 2015 compared to the previous year study.  While the market as a whole is making in-roads towards a higher employee engagement score, Best Employers clearly lead the way with 20+ points ahead of the rest”.

Compelling Employer Brand

– Overall 62% of organizations have a clearly defined employer brand. Yet, only 21% of CEOs and HR are aligned on its nature.

– 85% of employees at Best Employers would recommend their company, vs 64% at participating organizations.

– 80% of employees at Best Employers believe their organization delivers on promises, compared to only 51% of employees at participating organizations.

There is a significant gap between 83% employees at Best Employers believing their organization delivers on promises compared to only 60% of employees at participating organizations. Best Employers clearly walk the talk and fulfill their commitments. This goes to reinforce the value of their employer brand when it comes to attracting and engaging the best performing talent.

Effective Leadership

– 67% of Best Employers have structured career development processes on succession planning, vs 32% participant average.

– 80% of employees at Best Employers believe that senior leaders treat them as a ‘most valued asset’, vs only 54% of employees at participating organizations.

– 78% Best Employers have mentoring programs for developing their leaders, vs 47% participant average.

High Performance Culture

– 67% Best Employers include the engagement scores of teams in their people manager performance ratings, compared to 49% participants.

– Only 49% of employees feel they receive appropriate recognition (beyond pay and benefits) for their contribution, compared to 75% at Best Employers.

– 83% of employees at Best Employers believe their organization offers excellent career opportunities to strong performers, compared to only 58% of employees at participating organizations

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